I know it is fairly soon after Christmas, but what the heck! I have decided to show few magazine ads from horror games. Dark Seed 2, game inspired heavily by H.R. Giger artwork. I remember reading lots of criticism regarding characters and story, which was surprising as it was written by great novelist Raymond Benson. He designed and wrote Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo’s Curse, an exceptional FMV game based on a popular TV show. In Harvester, developers wanted to create an experience mocking the censorship1. Roberta Williams is one of the best game designers in the history of gaming and she released adventure games in almost any theme imaginable. Phantasmagoria was her step towards horror. I have finished Harvester few years ago, it was certainly interesting gaming experience to say the least. However, I have never played Dark Seed 2 or Phantasmagoria so I look forward to some scares. The ads certainly show the promise.

1. Facebook: Interview – Gilbert Austin: Part 2