Published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Developed by Dynamix, Inc.

Introduction (from the manual): The race to create the first true artificial intelligence (AI) had been going on for decades. On November 29, 2471, at precisely 1830 hours, the race finally ended when the engineers and scientists of Sentinel Cybertronix activated Project: Prometheus. The Prometheus prototype used the first AI processor with neural connections mapped to a wholly biological model. Here was the first true cybernetic-hybrid machine, or “Cybrid” as the designers called it. Self-motivated, self-teaching, Prometheus was voracious for knowledge. The staff at Sentinel provided it with all the data they could find, never imagining the deadly lessons their brilliant new student would ultimately learn.

Theme and genre: Earthsiege is a mech focused action simulator. A player controls various fully customizable HERCs (robots) through a series of missions. How the campaign progresses depends on eventual successes or defeats in particular missions. Mission types include standard patrols, seek and destroy or  base attacks. The player can experience these missions solo or lead a team of wingmen. The game utilises a limited form of live action FMV scenes during mission briefings.

Synopsis: As it usually goes with AI, it got tired of human existence and decided universe will be better without them. A huge war started and humanity survival depends on driving Cybrids out of all sectors on Earth. The player starts in the alpha sector and if successful in a campaign, Cybrids are driven out of planet Earth. However, the conflict is far from being over.

Trivia: Metaltech universe spans over 10 games. Besides main Earthsiege line of Metaltech: Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2 and Starsiege, the universe was also supported by a duo of strategy games, action game Hunter Hunted and FPS series Tribes.

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