Need for Speed was a game changer. The game was released as a killer app for 3DO and called a true realistic driving experience. With multiple game modes, various vehicles, “photorealistic cars and graphics” and great FMV clips it won every accolade imaginable. Follow-up was inevitable and what followed is my personal favorite in the series. It has improved every single aspect of original Need for Speed and I have spent countless hours playing it against my brother (losing spectacularly in the process). Over the course of the years, Need for Speed turned into “Fast and Furious” knockoff and was searching for itself since. Maybe one day there will be a Need for Speed game revamping the best feature of NFS 2, most exotic car lineup ever. You see, the majority of the cars in NFS were either concepts or cars sold in such a small amounts that only car fanatics heard about them. Yes, there were few “normal” sports cars like Lotus Esprit Turbo or Ferrari F355, but rest of the lineup were exotics like Italdesign Nazca C2, Ford GT50, Isdera Commendatore 112i, Italdesign Cala or Ford Mustang Mach III (another game I remember having mainly concept cars was Test Drive III, which is understandable in some sense as EA Canada was created out of Distinctive Software Inc. team responsible for Test Drive series). Almost every single car in the game was accompanied by amazingly produced video clips showcasing the cars. Each one could be used as an actual advertisement for these super expensive cars. The team from EA Canada and EA Seattle put together an impressive plan consisting of shooting in Sardina, London, and Canada. Videos were either shot directly by EA team, outsourced to other companies (Ferrari videos were shot by Video Image s.r.l., Italian company specializing in ads for companies like Ferrari or Maserati) or provided by other companies (portions of McClaren video were done by Kenwood Corp and Y2 Co. Ltd or Mustang video by Ford Corporation). Enjoy the clips in all their glory accompanied by awesome soundtrack below.