Published by Cyberdreams
Developed by TSi

Introduction (from manual): The phone rang – it was Marjorie, Slayton’s receptionist. Seems Jack hadn’t been seen or heard from in days and she was starting to worry. Wanted to know could I come in to sift through his current case files to see if there wasn’t some clue to his disappearance. Maybe I’d get lucky and pick up a lead. Or maybe I’d turn missing like Jack. I mulled over the possibilities. Jealous husband on a rampage? Nah…last I heard, Jack had been loitering around Myer’s club; hovering around that songbird, Joan. He’s sure sucker for a beautiful blonde. But he should know that Sheherazade is just another word for trouble. Wonder why Max, that buddy of his, hasn’t turned up something by now?  Never saw a more loyal guy. He’s bound to know a thing or two. I should also check with that snitch of his – ‘course he may be the one who got Jack into this mess. Jack always did attract some questionable friends. Then again, maybe old partner of his finally evened the score. Looks like I got my work cut out for me…

Theme and genre: Noir-inspired point and click adventure. The player explores Los Angeles in Myst-like type of game. Game features reconstructed photographs of Los Angeles from the 1940ties combined with CGI graphics. FMV is featured during travelling scenes and during conversations with people of interest.

Synopsis: You play private detective whose colleague turned missing. By following his current cases, you try to solve the mystery of his disappearance. Cases involve investigating the death of a famous racing horse, ascertaining the value of a special book, search for abducted Hollywood dog or uncovering leak in a secret government agency. As customary in Noir genre, cases are not that straightforward as they seem and they seem to be connected.

Trivia: Only game released by TSi. The company was known as a pioneer in the field of motion capture and content for video games (they worked on first game ever to use optical motion capture technology, Soul Edge)1. However, Noir ended up the only full game they ever produced.

Further information:

1.Motion Capture Society / Motion Capture World Records