Published by Interplay Entertainment
Developed by Take-Two Interactive Software

Introduction (from the original website): It is November, 1941. The world is rife with upheaval, misery and warfare. In both Europe and Asia, the Axis forces, propelled by Hitler’s Nazi stormtroopers, seem on the brink of ultimate military victory. Meanwhile, in the United States, political turmoil rages as the country wrestles with its conscience and clings desperately to its tattered neutrality. Each night, stories of battle and bloodshed inundate the evening radio broadcasts. Each morning, rumors of impending conflict fill the daily press. No fortress seems strong enough, no strategy clever enough to withstand the approaching German juggernaut.

As images of holocaust and destruction abroad fix themselves indelibly into the consciousness of the nation, another horror holds America’s heartland in its grip. Stalking the industrial ghettos of Cleveland and claiming victims far out into the surrounding countryside is the nation’s first true serial killer. This cold and vicious murderer, labeled by the press as “The Torso Killer” and “The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run,” carries on his trade seemingly unhindered by the best efforts of the day’s most prominent lawmen. This serial killer gains a reputation for ruthlessness by ritualistically beheading his victims and then dismembering them with chilling precision.

Could it be that these brutal and inhuman murders are but the final sacrifices meant to fulfill an ancient black magic prophecy? A prophecy spun in the distant past which has now been taken up by Nazi fanatics who gloat over the smoking ruins of the old world and plot to enslave the new? From pre-war Cleveland to war-torn Europe to a Los Angeles flush with victory, Black Dahlia leads the player through an eerie landscape of death, deception, and occult mystery.

Theme and genre: Black Dahlia is classic point and click adventure game heavily focusing on puzzles. The game starts as a mystery thriller, but as the story progress, supernatural elements are mixed into the game. FMV is represented heavily in the form of cutscenes and conversations between characters.

Synopsis: Your name is Jim Pearson, you just joined Office of the Coordinator of Information (something like pre-CIA agency). Your mission is to investigate potential Nazi collaborators and spies on the American soil. As the story progressed you get yourself involved in ancient supernatural cults and serial killing of the so-called torso killer. The overall story arc spans from 1941 until 1947.

Trivia: On the Friday 20th of June in 1997 (during E3 conference), individuals from the Black Dahlia crew of Take 2, participated in a seance to invoke the spirit of Elizabeth Short (victim of murder in the 1940s, nicknamed Black Dahlia).