Silverheart was a cancelled epic production in works by Origin Systems. Videoclip appears to be previously thought lost test footage. To be honest, I didn’t know about this project at all. However, with each passing day, it seems more and more interesting.

Originally conceived as a project Chris Roberts wanted to do after Wing Commander 4. A beginning can be traced sometime back to 1995 according to trademark filling. Chris Roberts contracted science fiction writer Micheal Moorcock to provide original story outline and movie script. According to his notes on multiverse forum, Chris was not happy with the EA and left. He was able to acquire the rights to Silverheart when he started Digital Anvil, but nothing ever come out of the project. It appears approximately 2 million dollars were put into the project at Origin and almost everything was in place to start principal photography.

“Silverheart” live action demo for video game. from layton blaylock on Vimeo.

Set in a fantasy world, the story told of Max Silverskin, an exceptional thief who must discover the secrets of his heritage. He has a few days to uncover a mystery of the witch mark – the silverheart – which is slowly killing him. He and Lady Rose, daughter of the leader of the powerful Clan Iron, are thrown into an edgy alliance as they search for the secrets that could save the city’s future. 

Director of photography was Layton Blaylock. He has extensive experience in commercials and documentaries but worked also on feature films.  As an example, he worked on 2nd unit photography on Open Windows (starring Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey) or on Richard Linklater’s SubUrbia and Dazed and Confused. His previous gaming experience was directing the photography on Crusader: No Regret. Silverheart is played by Doug Forrest. Players might remember him as a male anchor from Crusader: No Remorse. I was not able to find out the name of the female actor. Additionally, there should be also in existence a green screen test shots. These were produced at 501 Studios and directed by John McLean.

From the game development perspective, the game was built on 32bit extended DOS but migrated to Windows 95 and the Game SDK. So far this is all the information I was able to uncover about this impressive project but I hope more will come to light in the near future. For now, enjoy concept art created by Oscar Chichoni (who worked on concept art for movie Pacific Rim).

I would like to thank Layton Blaylock for sharing this video and providing basic information about the project. Additional thanks go to Joe Garrity of Origin Museum for sparking an interest and confirming with Ben Lesnick authenticity of the footage.