Published by Bethesda Softworks LLC
Developed by Bethesda Softworks LLC

Introduction (from the box cover): Return to the apocalyptic world of the post-nuclear future…but this time you won’t be going in alone. Now you can join up and kill everything and everyone in the ultimate multiplayer deathmatch over a LAN or the Internet. Leap across rooftops to lie in wait, ambush from the rear in your captured jeep, or attack from the sky in an HK fighter! SkyNet – No Limits!

As a member of the Resistance movement, you are sent on a reconnaissance mission to infiltrate a secret robot complex. What you find there leads you on a breakneck series of missions, each one more critical and deadly than the last. SkyNet gives you the best of both worlds; intense single player, solo missions that push your skills to the edge, and the most explosive multiplayer combat experience ever created!

Theme and genre: SkyNet was a follow-up to successful FPS Terminator: Future Shock. Originally conceived as a data disk and later released as stand alone game. It contained 8 single missions and focused mainly on rich multiplayer experience. FMV consists of briefings in-between the missions delivered by the Resistance leadership. Resistance is led by John Connor (played by Dennis Bateman), but we are also joined by other characters, most notably teenage Kyle Reese (Billy O’Sullivan).

Synopsis: You are sent on a reconnaissance mission and discover that the SkyNet is in possession of a powerful nuclear missile. This missile could wipe out the whole Resistance and make SkyNet clear winner. The final race for a humanity survival begins.

Trivia: Actress playing the character of Katheryn Parker (Sonya Gaubinger Elliot) wrote a book about her healing experience after a tragic accident has changed her life.