Published by SCi
Developed by SCi

Overview (from manual): XS is an absorbing combat experience. The action takes place in an arena where you battle with several other competitors and fight to the death. The arena can be any enclosed area and contains a number of hostile drones, mobile turrets and other hazards. All competitors use hard-light shields and these shields must be depleted before competitors can be killed. Rules regarding weaponry are simple – anything goes, including stealing dead player’s guns. All competitors are allowed one infinite-ammunition weapon which is usually a hand-blaster of some sort. Additional supplies of heavier ammunition are dotted around the arena or carrier by the drones. You can select your difficulty level before you enter the game. If you choose easy mode, then a map is shown in your head up display. In hard more, the computer controlled characters tend to fight you rather than each other.

Theme and genre: XS is first person shooter. The main idea behind the concept was to provide multiplayer experience in single player campaign. Gameplay was divided into series of a fight to the death matches inside various arenas. The game boasted itself with highly sophisticated AI routines. FMV usage is only symbolic in the combination of CGI/Motion capture and incorporating it with the live actor during its intro and outro cinematics.

Synopsis: A message from your old buddy reached you. He told you about some serious fight to the death tournament with a high prize attached. He is probably dead, but you definitely have a chance at winning it. As a loyal friend, you decide to join the tournament, claim the prize and find out what happened to your friend (hey, it’s an FPS, don’t expect Shakespearean well-written tragedy).

Trivia: Motion capture was done by the Motek, Amsterdam-based pioneers in the field. Their work also reaches futher then entertainment bussiness. In 2013 they helped on project “Sweetie”, a computer generated model designed to identify child predators.