So far I have posted ads that were in connection with live action FMV games. However, there is also a subset of games I would like to partially explore too. The subgenre of animated games that used “traditional Hollywood” techniques. For now, I have chosen a sample of games by Donald Bluth and a small game by Dreamworks Interactive called Neverhood.

Don Bluth had an extensive career at Walt Disney and also ran his own animation company. When his studio first feature film The Secret of NIMH didn’t perform as expected he had to declare bankruptcy. This bankruptcy, however, led to his involvement with gaming industry and creation of a cult game, Dragon’s Lair. The game was a tremendous success and was followed up with science fiction game called Space Ace. Don Bluth in his games used classic hand-drawn animations. Neverhood used a different approach. Characters and the whole world were created out of clay and then animated using a stop-motion animation (same technique like in the original Clash of the Titans). This process uses an object that is moved in small increments and then photographed thus creating an illusion of movement.