There were days long before the internet when we drew knowledge from encyclopedias and factual books. Then came multimedia, a platform that put together a vast amount of written content, sprinkled it with images, sounds and wrapped it in interactive software. After that, we got the internet with Wikipedia and multimedia edutainment became obsolete. I miss the days of multimedia and decided today to revisit one such product. Let’s have a look on the encyclopedia of ghosts!

Ghosts could be called half-game, half-encyclopedia. You are called to a mansion to decide if ghosts are real or not. You wander around a mansion, look at various objects, read reports and listen to video interviews. The content is presented in a very nice way, it is not pushing you towards either way. You are constantly presented with views from believers and skeptics alike and it is completely up to you what will you believe. However, the biggest asset of the encyclopedia is its narrator. Dr. Marcus Grimalkin, played by Sir Christopher Lee. He constantly gives you insight and comments on your efforts. Just his introductory speech when he said, “mark my words, you will have an eventful time ahead of you,” gave me goosebumps.

List of people involved and interviewed for this project is very wide. We have parapsychologist, investigators, ghost hunters even catholic priest. Thanks to them, you will learn not only about basic stuff of what a ghost is, how they manifest, but also, what tools do investigators use to detect them (these tools are probably quite outdated today), their personal encounters with the ghosts or how church performs an exorcism. Apart from traditional documentary-style talking heads and Christopher Lee comments, there is not much FMV content. Manor is created with the magic of CGI, it is fairly average in quality but it fulfills its role.

I have prepared short video with some of the title highlights. Even if you will not watch it in its entirety, please listen to an eerie story of Bettiscombe manor screaming skull (starts at 7:20). It is narrated by Christopher Lee and accompanied by beautifully drawn images. Enjoy!

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