Published by Microsoft Corporation
Developed by SingleTrac Entertainment Technologies, Inc.

Introduction (from the manual): For centuries, mankind has searched the heavens for signs of life other than our own. Across the farthest reaches of space and time, we have always appeared to be very much alone. This has seemed even more apparent as the clutter and decay of the Earth’s natural resources finally forced humans to colonize other planets. However, this assumption may soon be altered drastically. Recently, several colony outposts have been ravaged and destroyed by an unknown force.

Theme and genre: Outwars is an action game. You play a marine grunt equipped with a high-tech jet pack (looks pretty cool) and you try to survive in an increasingly difficult campaign. Before each mission, you can change your default loadout, select teammates etc. In cases where you don’t play solo missions, you can control your teammates by giving basic orders (Attack Target, Hold Position etc.). Outwars looks and plays like a mixup of 3rd person Halo and Starship Troopers (enemy is called “the Skulls”). FMV is represented by between-mission briefings and couple cinematics of ships flying around and stuff.

Synopsis: Story begins on the planet called Mikhal’s World. You are ordered to evacuate after the planet is overrun by the Skulls. It appears Skulls got fed up with humans and decided to give them a lesson. As you move from planet to planet your task is to annihilate them and prevent the destruction of planet Earth (yup, pretty much basic military story).

Trivia: Microsoft directly invested in developer SingleTrac in 1996. It was the first ever equity investment in gaming company Microsoft did.