Sierra is known to any PC gamer out there (or, at least, should be). The company that pioneered adventure genre and for many years led its evolution was also experimenting with live action FMV. Titles as Phantasmagoria and Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Withing are widely known and are often mentioned as FMV games done right. But it is a shame that other FMV oriented Sierra games are often overlooked even though they were of top notch quality. One such game is Rama. The game is inspired by novel Rama II and writer Arthur C. Clare and Gentry Lee worked together on its production. While Arthur C. Clare mostly lent his name and appearance, Gentry Lee worked as a designer of the game. What we received was a Myst-like adventure in space with many mysteries and wonders to explore. The art direction of the game brilliantly conveys the feeling of an alien and unknown world. Gallery is composed of screenshots from the game and concept art visible during installation of the game made by Richard Hescox.