Published by Spectrum HoloByte

Developed by Inverse Ink

Introduction (from cover): The world’s first live action graphic novel.

Prepare to be immersed. REFLUX is sense candy;  martial arts, morphing, music, and meaning fluidly crafted into a twenty page comic book unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

Prepare to choose. REFLUX is interactive at every level. You set the pace. You change the perspective. You probe for hidden meanings. Don’t want to work so hard? Relax and watch our acrobatic, kung-fu, cyber-characters knock each others’ teeth out in over 50 different ways.

Prepare to come back. REFLUX is a seasonal, quarterly series. Issue.02 will be out in the fall. Don’s say we didn’t warn you.

Theme and genre: Reflux is not an actual video game but an interactive comic book. Originally set in near future (ehm, 2013) and in virtual reality full of hackers. It uses traditional comic book structure and enhances it with FMV scenes from various Asian martial arts movies (five movies were licensed). In order to increase replayability, you can see and hear the story from three different perspectives. Additionally, multiple screens have various “items of interest” that can be examined and they provide further exposition.

Synopsis: Part one tells of a super hacker called Flux, he was wrongly accused of erasing brain of his best friend 10 years ago and since then he is on the run. His friend has been reincarnated and Flux has to use his virtual face-shifting powers to rescue him from WorldPerfect Corporation. In a second Reflux comics, Flux has to elude famous mobster known as Big Mama Jama.

Trivia: There were 30000 copies produced of  the first issue and the same number of the second issue. About 5000 were for Macintosh. The third one was announced, but I was not able to confirm its existence. Each movie license cost about 1000 USD.