Already mentioned in my article Lost in Time (1), Soul Hunt is unreleased FMV driving/action/adventure game. The player had to rescue his friends abducted by a motorized Mad Max alike gang. The game utilized a combination of live video footage as background for driving passages (technology used in other Compro game Cyclemania) combined with adventure like scenes allowing a 360-degree field of view as in Zork Grand Inquisitor. The below gallery contains all of the known images ever released as part of marketing campaign. According to the producer of the game, they never made a release due to bugs and overall complexity of the game, but I was able to find out there exists German PC Big Box edition of the game. The producer doesn’t recall German version of the game being in production, but I was able to obtain a copy and I am investigating this further. This is a mystery worth of solving and I hope to get to the bottom of it.