Published by Psygnosis Limited
Developed by Team17 Software Limited

Introduction (from the manual): A Military Research Unit was established. Basically a mining colony, populated by scientists and civilians. The ore was mined and refined and new and better alloys were developed. As the fusion furnace installations grew bigger, and burnt fiercer, their heat awoke something. Something buried deep beneath the surface of the planet. A cold, black finger broke through a chitinous surface…. then another. A third! Then the spore split, and a small unpleasant creature broke loose, and began to burrow for the surface. It was one of the Alien Breed.

Theme and genre: Tower Assault is a follow-up to the Alien Breed, a classic top-down action shooter. The game is essentially an alien rip-off in terms of theme. You control a military guy, wander around and try to survive in an installation swarmed by alien-like creatures. In the process, you are gathering keys, ammo, credits and other crap. Credits can be spent on various weapons in scattered terminals. DOS and Amiga CD32 version added live action FMV introduction and outro. It is a combination of some low budget CGI ships and “marines” talking during the briefing.

Synopsis: After receiving SOS message from the surface you are sent on a  reconnaissance mission. During landing maneuvers you and your squad gets under friendly fire from the station defenses. The whole squad gets killed except you. You proceed into the belly of the station and face the horrors that await you there.

Trivia: There is a secret unfinished level accessible by entering this code HGKCSLEASDCAAACA.