As I mentioned in SEGA CD cover gallery there is nothing more that screams of FMV than SEGA CD. I think I should specify it a little more. There is nothing more that screams of FMV then games made by Digital Pictures on SEGA CD. The company that created over 15 FMV titles during the course of their existence. They originally started producing games for failed NEMO console but few years later were able to port their games and extend their portfolio to SEGA CD and in few cases also for PC CD, Macintosh, 3DO, and SEGA Saturn.

Three ads made a cut today, Sewer Shark, Night Trap, and Supreme Warrior. Sewer Shark was first game made by Digital Pictures and started the whole Digital Pictures legacy. Night Trap became famous over its direct involvement in congressional hearings in 1993/1994 about video games violence that led to the creation of the games ratings. And last but not least, Supreme Warrior was first Digital Pictures game that I ever played and its just great homage to the Asian martial arts movies of the 70ties/80ties.