Games, movies, full motion video. There have always been games based on a movie licence, even before FMV. Most of these games are imprinted in gamers memory as a quick cash-in attempts on popular franchises. When the FMV craze started it was inevitable we would get games that will put these movie licenses to use, for better or worse. I have chosen three examples of such games, each representing a different take on whole movie licence matter.

X-Files is probably one of the most accurate games ever created out of movie franchise. This is no surprise as the game was created at the height of the TV show popularity and most of the TV series crew was involved in making of the game. Top Gun was released quite a few years after the movie and its main magnets were the actor James Tolkan and arcadish approach to simulation. Just like the movie it was not intended for the audience that can recite every single avionic subsystem on the F-14 fighter jet. William Shatner’s Tekwar is a completely different animal. In a sense, I don’t even know what it has to do with Tekwar series/books or if it is even relevant to the game. All I remember is the face of William Shatner everywhere. He is in the introduction, ending of the game, cutscenes, he is just everywhere. The case of Tekwar shows that sometimes name of a celebrity is more important than of the franchise it’s supposed to represent.