medium_coverWell, today we have here an interesting title that is almost impossible to find any relevant information about. Alfred Hitchcock Presents is a 3DO game that feeds of famous name of Alfred Hitchcock. Surprisingly though the game itself has little to do with a mystery/thriller theme we usually connect with master Hitchcock. The game is unoriginal take on the classic game Memory. You are overturning cards and try to match pairs. When you are successful, a clip of Alfred Hitchcock talking is revealed. Nothing more, nothing less. It was developed by Toyota, the car manufacturer. This leads me to believe the game was made somehow as a promotional effort but the connection is eluding me completely. Hitchcock, Toyota, Memory? It doesn’t make any sense! Maybe there is a hidden message that I cannot decipher as I do not speak Japanese or it is some sort of practical joke. Wikipedia is also mentioning North American version but I was not able to confirm this information anywhere. Check the screenshots below or youtube clip of me “playing” the game. If anyone has more information about this title let me know!