Ah, the almighty AI. Never, ever, trust them. We have built amazing satellite system to warn us in a case of impending doom (and we named it MAXX – Meteorite And Asteroid eXploder) and what does it do? It goes mad! “e have all of a sudden a classic case of Mad Maxx. In 5 days meteorite will annihilate the world. If humanity will prove itself worthy preserving Maxx will destroy the meteorite. How can we prove our worthiness? Easy, by answering 7 ridiculous riddles from a various scientific background.

When you can’t stand the heat,
where you can’t take the pressure,
prove there’s a spot where life
grows in great measure.

After getting the riddles you move around, fiddle with various tools and toys and eventually get everything sorted out. I liked that it is presented in very light and funny way. AI is insulting humans as “allegedly intelligent” species, names of your young colleagues are pretty weird (Tsunami) or there is this pretty cool new acronym, the ASASP (stands for As Soon As Scientifically Possible). The game plays like a standard first person adventure. You see everything through your eyes and manipulate objects through the use of a smart cursor. The title has good production values. Bear in mind this was done when edutainment didn’t resort to usage of cartoonish/childish graphics but uses nicely done CGI composited together with FMV. FMV is unfortunately not full screen (at least from what I saw and played) but uses small window .mov files overlaying them with backgrounds. Main attraction is of course involvement of Bill Nye the Science Guy. I must be honest as Bill Nye never made it into our Eastern European televisions I cannot compare the game to the TV show. Check the images below or link to the small video clip I made (ignore technical glitches probably caused by my VM).

And remember SCIENCE RULES!!!