Clue/Cluedo is an interesting beast. Everyone knows the traditional murder mystery board game. In 1994 CD-i version of the game was made (and re-released in 1996 for Windows) that incorporated live action FMV scenes. Windows version was published by Hasbro Interactive and developed by the 3T Productions. 3T Productions made few multimedia products during mid 1990ties focusing on CD-i platform. From the it looks like the company gravitated towards edutainment in later 1990ties but they are still around.

Game relies heavily on live action FMV and animations in general. You move from rendered room to room, look for clues and interogate suspects. When enough evidence is gathered you can accuse the murderer. If you are right you have won the game. To improve replayability there are three different cases (Deadly Patent, Road to Damascus, Blackmail) and various levels of difficulty. From the introductionary animation you can notice a high quality FMV stylized into something that looks like traditional British TV series (IMDB entry of the game also confirms that many of the actors played in well known movies/tv series). Game has nice performances by all the actors, was filmed with real sets and music is nicely fitting the atmosphere of the game. If compared with real board game, immediatelly shortcomings are visible. Flow of the game is quite slow and a charm of the actual board game is missing but due to the quality of FMV it is still worth seeing. Check the screenshots below or see clips from two of the cases (Blackmail, Deadly Patent).