Tex Murphy is one of my most favorite gaming characters in history. A fact that is clearly visible as I use Tex Murphy avatar picture whenever possible. He is a goofball private investigator in noir like San Francisco of near future. He is an idiot but with a heart at a right place. This is also one of the main reasons why I like the character so much.

There is also an interesting  thing about the Tex Murphy from the FMV point of view. Tex Murphy was there at the dawn of full motion video. From the pre-FMV digitized era of Mean Streets series evolved through the hit game Under a Killing Moon and were also lately revived thanks to Kickstarter in a form of Tesla Effect. I will tackle Tex Murphy sooner or later in a comprehensive article but it is one of those series I am actually bit afraid to approach due to the sheer amount of content to go through. However, in the meantime enjoy the ads in their full glory below. Also do not forget to check a demo clip from Under a Killing Moon.