As I try to post articles as often as possible, even if it is a small snippet of information, you might get lost over the time in the amount of articles on the main page. Therefore, I decided to prepare a small guide to the various categories.

Advertisements – I have always loved the ads in various magazines. In the late 1990ties, the trend towards computer generated imagery took precedence and the ads lost a bit of their magic. I will always pick few interesting ads from a specific theme, company or video games series (e.g. horror video games or games made by Digital Pictures).

Book – There just isn’t that much time for reading books as there used to be, but from time to time I discover an interesting book about the subject of gaming, multimedia or technology in general.

Clip – Who has the time to play every single game, read through pages of text when I have only a few minutes to spare. Thank god we have video clips! Small snippets, trailers, noteworthy clips from games are filed under this category.

Gallery – Selection of screenshots from various games. Most of the galleries I have seen are usually limited, they show only a few screenshots and even these are from first 30 minutes of gameplay. I want to bring better, richer or unusual collections, add production photos, screenshots from unreleased games and so on.

Game overviews – I was able to find out there are over 600 games that utilized live action FMV at least to a certain degree. While it will take me years to do any proper “research” about them I am able to do a quick overview of the games in a much shorter time span.

Movie – FMV games wanted to a certain degree imitate Hollywood. But what happens when Hollywood imitates video games? I decided to check every single movie that was either inspired by the game or uses video games as one of the main narrative lines. Just seeing the list of the movies made me shiver (warm regards to Mr. Uwe Bohl), but I will do it nonetheless.

Quickplay – I don’t always have time to play through the whole game or sometimes just randomly jump into the archive to quickly try one of the games. In these cases, I will write a quickplay articles. It will be  just a short summary of impressions of the game and highlighting some of the features.

Profile – What makes games what they are? People behind them of course. Whether it’s the actors playing the parts, the filming crew, programmers making the code or designers and writers behind the story. This is where you will learn about them and their careers.

Story – The most important “research” goes into story articles. They encompass a single game, the story of the company, hardware overview or an interview with someone heavily involved in making the FMV games.

Various – And anything that will not go into any of the above categories will be filed under this one.